WETNET technology is based on an innovative low cost flow-meter and control system that enables water companies to improve greatly their capacity to control distribution networks in detail and cutting energy costs.



WETNET has been designed for flexibility, incremental deployment and size (number of sensors) scalability, co-existence and/or integration with existing measurement and control systems – including communication infrastructures – minimal maintenance during an acceptable operational life time, to be replaceable and have a very low impact at end-of-life. WETNET systems allow fine-grained, precise, timely data collection. They are easy to deploy, as in-pipe sensors can be installed during normal operations, allowing reliable installation also by non-specialized staff. WETNET configured as Software-as-a-Service solution, is especially attractive for small organisations that could benefit from a high degree of control on their distribution networks that would be otherwise impossible.



WetNet Overview

WetNet Pulse

WetNet Uplink

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