StructureScan Pro

The StructureScan Pro system is GSSI’s premier concrete scanning system, offering users modularity within one scanning system. The StructureScan Pro system provides a non-destructive means to accurately inspect concrete and structure, measure slab thickness and locate voids. With a basic antenna upgrade, the SIR-4000 controller can be used for other applications such as utility detection and deep void detection.


Premier GPR System for Concrete Inspection and Analysis Locate Targets

  • Locate rebar, post-tension cables, conduits (PVC and metal) • Conduct real tie surveys for core clearance or post process data for reports
  • Reach depths of 0-18 inches Customizable System
  • Antenna choices include the popular 1600 MHz and the high-resolution 2600 MHz antenna Premium Mobility
  • Rugged handcart-based system that is lightweight and simple to transport • No site hazards or need to close of work area as with radiography (X-Ray)


  • Flexible system for bridge and utility applications
  • Two-year warranty


GSSI Structure Scan Pro Brochure

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