Text Log 1 and II Data Loggers

The Textlog range of data loggers offers cost effective data collection remotely from site, supporting our customers with leakage management, remote tank monitoring, providing data for strategic network performance and modelling and many other applications.

Textlog collects flow and/or pressure and/or temperature data and will send a summary of the data via GPRS or SMS text message to a pre-determined server location. In addition to interfacing to all pulse output water meters, the Textlog can directly access the register of compatible smart meters. This allows high accuracy meter readings for AMR / billing purposes. Local data collection and set-up can be carried out using proprietary PDA based software via an infra-red comms link. SMS commands can be sent directly to the Textlog to obtain status reports on the user’s mobile phone and change measurement parameters. Innovative use of state of the art components means that data can be recovered from damaged devices or Textlogs with low or no battery life.

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