Triton IT Pressure Transient Logger

Transient Pressure Loggers

Triton data loggers can detect and log pressure surge data up to 1000 readings per second.


TRITON range of data loggers use a new data logging architecture that allows the user to monitor pressure input in terms of average values based on typical 15 minute logging rate plus minimum/ maximum values based on fast sample rates down to 1 second for the main recordings.

TRITON IT Transient logger can also detect and log pressure surge data up to 1000 readings per second without interfering with the main recordings.

During threshold logging, the logger checks the pressure signal against the threshold settings 10 times per second and once triggered starts logging data at one of the configured log rate of 10Hz, 100Hz or 1KHz.

If external power is connected the logger can sample pressure at 1KHz continuously, detect and record data at 10Hz, 100Hz or 1KHz before during and after the surge event.

The logger software can also be upgraded in the field via the IrDA communications link.


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